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Deepbass & Hironori Takahashi: INTERVIEW “I feel the parties always have very unique vibe in Japan”

Deepbass will return to Tokyo to perform at FUSION.

Mixmag Japan | 19 November 2019

Deepbass, Deepbass 来日, Deepbass VENT, mixmag

Glasgow is an arts city in southwestern Scotland whose vibrant techno scene produces cutting-edge artists of the likes of Slam, Optimo, and Gary Beck. It is also birthplace and home to Darren Roberts, a.k.a. Deepbass. A creator of deep techno characterized by finely layered sounds and hypnotic melodies, Deepbass has also collaborated with Italian producer Ness, a representative of Italy’s modern techno sound. His own imprint Informa Records has released tracks by prominent producers such as Edit-Select and Claudio PRC, and many of us are familiar with its Cosmic Walkers EP by Kas:st, which includes a remix by Takaaki Itoh and has seen heavy rotation on Tokyo’s club circuit.

Deepbass will return to Tokyo to perform at , hosted by mu”he and Kai Galactic, at Omotesando’s VENT club. Hironori Takahashi — another Informa Records veteran — will join him on the main floor. We caught up with Deepbass and Hironori Takahashi before the show:

Interview: Hironori Takahashi

Deepbass, Deepbass 来日, Deepbass VENT, mixmag

― You’ve released from various labels leading the modern techno scene, such as SEMANTICA, ARTS, Gynoid Audio. What spurred the decision to release on Informa?

Hironori Takahashi: The first release from Informa was in 2013, and a few years ago I sent a demo to the label and got to know [Darren]. He seemed to like my releases from Aconito and Stroboscopic Artefacts, and I was very happy to receive a good response.

― What is Deepbass like as a label owner, producer and DJ?

Hironori Takahashi: He’s a flexible and nice guy who consults kindly about my release. His label vision is clear and you can see that he is acting with an eye to the future. Everybody knows he is a cheerful and playful person. On the other hand, he gets in the zone while performing.

– Any memorable experiences with him you’d like to share?

Hironori Takahashi: His subtle face when he ate a sea urchin is etched in my brain.

― What is your favorite track on Informa Records?

Hironori Takahashi: Foreav, on the compilation Formation 1.

– Where did the inspiration of the track come from from?

Hironori Takahashi: Making tracks whenever inspiration comes isn’t really my style. Rather, building up a composition from a flat state, when some kind of feeling or atmosphere starts to come out I try to carry it on in that direction. I feel that this atmosphere came out nice and clearly in this track. Actually, it was already done rather a while before being released, and was already being played out by Ness and Claudio PRC. Another track was also raised as a candidate for the comp, but in the end it was decided that we would bring this one into the world.

– You launched your own label Verse in 2018. Can you tell us about the label concept for Verse and its future targets?

Hironori Takahashi: I think I’m running Verse as a kind of private label. It’s where I go to release the tracks I want, with high quality sound and on vinyl only. It’s the place to make my little dream come true. I’d like to leave them as objects you can have. I hope someone will dig them out of a crate in a few decades and think “That’s a sick track! What is this Verse stamp?”

― Please tell us about you or your label’s recent activities.

Hironori Takahashi: Verse No. 2 is underway and ought to be released soon. We have a plan to release a track with a remixer that we respect from domestic labels. I’m also participating in another domestic label compilation. Both are personally intimate and passionate about enlivening the scene, so I am very happy to be involved in some way. I’m also releasing a track under another alias overseas. Since this release is a “god” name series, I will appear as a something “god”.

Interview: Deepbass

– First of all, you are from Glasgow, renowned as the city of music. How do you think you were influenced by your hometown’s culture?

Deepbass: I was definitely influenced a lot from going to clubs like The Arches and the Sub Club when I was younger and seeing local guys like Slam and Edit Select. There were always interesting international guests coming over every couple of weeks, I got to see many artists across different styles which set me off on my path to discover the sound I wanted to create myself.

– What about musicians from elsewhere who influenced you?

Deepbass: In the past I listened to artists like Speedy J, Jeff Mills, Dave Clarke etc as this was the kind of techno I was introduced to but in later years when I discovered the deeper techno sound I was very inspired by Dino Sabatini, Giorgio Gigli and Cio D’or among many others and I’m happy these are all artists I have managed to work with on my label Informa Records.

– You live in Spain at the moment. When did you move there, and which city do you live in exactly? What opportunity led you there?

Deepbass: I have been living in Barcelona for the past 4 years. I reached a stage I needed some change in my life and needed some experience living outside where I had been my whole life. I had some friends living here so I decided to give it a chance, the chance in lifestyle has been good for me and the sense of freedom in Barcelona has been inspiring and has shifted my mindset and my music in a different direction.

– You have been producing a lot of tracks with Ness. Could you tell us the way that you met him for first time, and how you began to collaborate with him? What is your favourite track from the collaboration?

Deepbass: I met Ness when we both joined my first agency which was called Rising Management, it was near the beginning of my music career. We were both invited to play at Test Festival in Castellon, Spain.
We had a great time together and already knew each others music. Not long after I invited him to Glasgow and we made our first collaboration and it continued from there.I would say my favourite track from our collaborations is Edo from the Formation 2 release on Informa, it has a very special and happy vibe which was created very spontaneously.

– You have performed several times in Japan. What is the most unforgettable party/ festival for you there? Could you tell us a story of the experience?

Deepbass: Every time I perform in Japan it is always very special but the times I played at Paramount Festival were so amazing. It is one of the most beautiful locations I have had the pleasure of playing. Small and intimate completely immersed in the Japanese nature between mountains. In 2017 The Gods Planet made a super nice closing live act, when they finished everyone stayed on the dance floor and were not going anywhere so I joined Ness for an unexpected b2b set, the atmosphere was electric and is one of the moments I remember most from my trips to Japan.

– How did you know Hironori Takahashi, who is a Japanese producer with releases on your label, Informa Records? How do you feel about performing with him at the same party?

Deepbass: I discovered Hironori’s music through his release on my friend nAX_Acid’s label Aconito, I really liked his sound and started to play a lot of music from him. We had made contact via email and he was sending me some demos, eventually he sent me the tracks for his Blending Mode EP which I really loved and I made the release, I still really love this EP. It will be nice to play together again, in 2014 we played together at Yokohama Galaxy and also at Dommune, he is a great DJ so I am looking forward to sharing the booth with him again at Vent.

– It’s your first time to play in Japan in 2 years. Do you have any messages for your Japanese fans who will come to see your performance?

Deepbass: I am really excited to come back and play Japan, I feel the parties always have very unique vibe with open minded people and I can play some music I would not necessary be able to play in other places which is really cool. So I will be ready with some special music for them.

Deepbass, Deepbass 来日, Deepbass VENT, mixmag

Interview & Text_mu”he, Andrew
Edit_Yuki Kawasaki

Deepbass at FUSION
2019.11.30 (Sat.)
OPEN : 23:00
DOOR : ¥3,600 / FB discount : ¥3,100

Deepbass has been on the forefront of the new generation of minimal, and has won over the support of top acts like Slam and Ness, and now he will be coming to VENT!

From Dave Clarke and Slam’s Soma to Edit Select’s label, Deepbass has released some top tier work, and now he’s gearing up to play Fusion, at VENT on November 30th!

It’s all in the name, isn‘t it? With a moniker like Deepbass it’s easy to see the level of commitment he has to this project and its sound. By releasing works from popular labels like Edit Select Records, Aconito Records, Dynamic Reflection, and Soma, he has gained a lot of fans and continues to deliver creative output, exactly as the name Deepbass suggests, truly showing Darren’s personality and talent.

He has also formed a dream collaboration with Italian producer Andrea DePlano, a.k.a. Ness, as they both held the same vision with regard to techno and were an uncanny match. What stands out from his production and performances is that Deepbass creates something truly his own, but he refuses to ever be limited by it or to get comfortable repeating just one thing.

Deepbass’ own print, Informa, is representative of the growing deep techno scene. Renown artists like Ness, Claudio PRC, and Dorian Gray have all released works on Informa, a label that really fortifies deep and experimental sounds as part of their brand of techno.

Hosting this new party, Fusion, is mu”he and Kai Galactic. The first party featured Tresor resident Radio Matrix’s boss Delta Funktionen, as well as some local acts. It was booked by Gonno, and was an epic evening of like-minded techno heads. This time, in Room 1 we will have Hironori Takahashi, who has released on Deepbass’ Informa print. Come experience the cutting-edge of the ever-evolving new school techno scene in a night you will surely never forget.


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