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(4/28更新)Peggy Gouからもアンサー

Mixmag Japan | 27 April 2019

ウクライナ人DJ/プロデューサーVakulaのEP『Per Aspera Ad Astra』のアートワークに批判が集中している。問題のアートワークには、男根型の宇宙船内でコックピットの機材を操作するThe Black Madonna、Nastia、Peggy Gou、Nina Kravizが描かれている。EPはクロアチアのレーベルBarba Recordsから、同プロデューサーの変名でリリースされた。


The Black Madonnaは、早速ツイッター上で遺憾の意を表明した。



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Post in purpose ) Our Ukrainian artist Vakula has announced his next release with me, @ninakraviz , @blackmadonnachi and Peggy Gou on the cover with the next description: “I dedicated this project to my beloved women, where we tried to depict the most beautiful dick that those girls depicted on the cover could ever meet. Find in stores, do not miss”. Well.. Sigmund Freud would be satisfied. I believe it’s that kind of a dick he dreams about! Let’s say when I met him in 2015 he seriously told me I am shity and not even a DJ, but if we come together he can teach me.. The biggest lol I have seen for a while. I always knew he is such an arrogant and lost sexist + simply idiot who believes he is one and only artist comparing himself with Theo Parrish, but I didn’t expect he will go that far.. His most problem is that he can’t handle our success ??‍♀️ Can’t tag him here because he banned me last year just because he didn’t want me to see his page )) Gonna go to the store and get my copy! Good advertisement tho! This is worthy a promotion for free in my feed ? #vakula #cover #nastia #ninakraviz #blackmadonna #peggygou #sexism #hate #lol

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(4/28更新)そして今日、Peggy GouもInstagram上で本件についての考えを述べた。


Nina Kravizは現在のところコメントしていない。


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